Anyone a Gamefly Member?
  • I got an offer today for a free trial to "Gamefly".

    Gamefly is just like "Netflix", in that they send you a video game in a prepaid envelope, you play it, you send it back in the same envelope, and they send you the next game on your list of choices. You pay a monthly subscription fee for the service, but the cool thing is that you can hit the "KEEP" button to buy the game you've rented, and they send you the manual and box as well.

    I'm not promoting it here, as I am not a member. I was just wondering if anyone here is a member of their service. It sounds cool. I am a member of Netflix, so I know that subscription services like the ones they run can be very cool - and money-saving. Also, they let you keep your games out for as long as you want, so you can take your time to play them.

    I may try out their free trial... if anyone wants to see it, it should be safe to link to. Otherwise, we can edit this post later to remove the link: Gamefly Trial + Free $10 Papa Johns Gift Card. (Cancel before the trial is over if you don't want to be charged anything).
  • I signed up with Gamefly just after Xmas upon getting my PSP and really like them. The "keep" button is awesome though, truth be told, I haven't bought much. There's a particular satisfaction in dropping something you've mastered in the mail and receiving something new to replace it. And, given what consoles cost these days saving a few bucks (actually more than a few) certainly doesn't hurt.

    I signed up with a free-trial offer too and I'm still on board. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed. They get a big thumbs up from me.