Unskippable FMV!!!!
  • Hi everyone

    Have just finished COD 3. Good game, but why do you have to watch the same FMV intro every time you load up?

    I thought we had got past all this with PS2, now it's happening again.

    I dont mind watching it once, but after that surely you should be abvle to skip it.

    Waht do the rest of you think?

    I just know someone is going to tell me you CAN skip them now.....
  • I can't stand games where you can't skip the fmv. Seeing it one time is enough I don't understand the reasoning behind making you view it a trillion times.

    Most of the times with games like that I just turn them on and then go get a bottle of water or something like that and come back in a few mins.
  • Its annoying, what can i say, i hate it when a game does that. Especially when its a long one (FMV) !!!!!!!
  • I can understand that in a game like COD3, it is dealing with a serious subject, therfore you need some background to get across the enormity of the situation those guys faced, but not over and over......

    Like i said, make us watch it once, but then let us skip it.
  • Heck, most of the time it is so poorly done in video games that I don't want to watch it even ONE time. I think you should be allowed to skip every video/fmv that comes up. I think they were done well in Resistance:FOM, and I didn't have the urge to skip them in that game (Although I don't think you could anyway).

    Even worse is when some numskull makes a game where you can't skip over those opening animation "Credits" like the developer's logo and the screaming voices like: "EA, IT'S IN THE GAME!!!" Rockstar games is a heavy offender of this, and so is EA games, as I said. I just bought a $60 game - I THINK I KNOW WHAT COMPANY MADE IT. You do not need to tell me every time I turn the stupid thing on.

    You hit a chord with me dude. Big time.
  • Watch out EA and Rockstar quite a few angry people here are coming for you!!!!! :mad: :eek:

    Rockstar i'll let you off if you make GTA IV great..:D :D
  • I agree with MCWHAMMER, when its done well you don't mind watching, when its done bad its annoying.

    BUT when its done well, AND they make you watch it over and OVER again, it then becomes annoying.

    Take note developers, how much extra coding does it take to let us press ^ to skip your HOMAGE!!!!!!!!!!

    The Prosecution rests its case my Lord.