• Help needed,

    I have recently been trying to connect my PS3 to the internet via the wireless connection. I am on Virgin broadband and i bought a Belikin wireless router. I was unable to register via the network icon and various DNS error messages were given. Having read up on the subject it would seem that I am not alone. My laptop upstairs in the same room as the router was working with a 80% connection however with my laptop downstairs at the other end of the house next to the PS3 it was reading a signal strenght of 40%. I assume the problem lies with the poor signal strenght. I have since taken the router back.

    Any suggestions?
  • Belkin routers aren't bad but aren't exactly the best either- i would suggest getting a Linksys router seeing as you took the Belkin back.

    Also, a wired connection is preferred if possible. If this isn't an option you may want to try adding a range booster in the path between the router and the PS3- this should help make the signal stronger. they will know what to recommend at the computer store.