• every 1 submit bad lamo jokes here.

    i got 1.

    theese 2 woman got 2 hevan and 1 sies to the other "so how did u die" and the other replys i was frozen to death.

    and the 1st woman sies '' that sounds like i terible way to die''

    and the 2nd replys ''no it wasn't to bad it was realy sceary at 1st but then i just felt warm and sleepy and well just died. so how did u die?"

    so the 1st woman sies '' well i was positive my husband was having a afair so i sied i was shoping and wile he was alone i snuck in to tri and catch him in the act but there he was watching tv as he alwase does. BUT i was sertan there was a woman in the house so i started storming around the house yelling and looking for her and i had a heart atack.''

    and the 2nd woman sies '' well if u looked in the freezer we would both be alive''

    get it if u dont the anser is writen backwards.:)

    .rezeef eht ni gnidih saw dna dnabsuh s'namow ts1 eht htiw riafa a gnivah saw namow dn2 eht
  • I thought this was for lame jokes... that was funny.:p
  • it was good?...................... i'm mosty realy bad at jokes
  • ok this form is for eny jokes now just TELL JOKES EVERY1
  • When is a door not a door ? When its ajar. Way older than me but still makes me chuckle.