Hold button wont turn off
  • Ok Everytime i press one of the four directional keys my hold button turns on. WHat gives.. I havn't dropped it and such so im wondering what the heck is going on. It happes everytime i ticuh ok any key on the left hand side please help.
  • You may have a bit of a dirt build up inside making the buttons a bit sticky. While I don't recommend doing this unless you are sure of what you are doing you could remove the faceplate after taking out the small screw at the bottom to let you clean around the buttons.
  • Ok You know when you press the home button during a game it says tdo you wish to exit game.. Thats really the problem i just thought my hold key was messed up but now if i hit any button on the left hand side(it will be fine for an hour or so but hten for 2-3 minutes it freaks out( the would u like to exit game boz appears.. Any ideas? Would you still recomend cleaning it out?
  • To be honest, i do not recommend taking the thing apart unless you are extra careful and know what you are doing- it's quite easy to accidentally pull something off and wind up with a completely useless system.

    If you have had the system under a year i would say give Sony's tech support a call- the PSP has a one year warranty from purchase date. Once you explain the problem they will likely have you send it in for repair at no charge to you or will give you easy-to-follow instructions on how to fix it yourself. The number is in the manual.