NAT Type 2, still cannot connect to games?
  • Hi there,

    We're having connectivity problems at my friends house with his Playstation 3. Although the unit is in a DMZ and reports NAT Type 2, it acts like NAT Type 3; we're unable to join games over the Playstation Network, and it takes up to an hour for the friends list to fully load after logging in. We can however browse the web via the PS3 without problem.

    In an attempt to trouble-shoot, we have used my router at this address instead of his Billion one and even my DSL account (same provider) from this address. Just to clarify, my PS3 at my house, with either router and either of our accounts can connect to PSN games without a problem.

    With the router and internet account ruled out as the cause, I'm trying to find out exactly what isn't set up right, but it looks identical to the way my PS3 is setup. There was once no connectivity issues here with the PS3 working perfectly, but we believe the problem may have started after the 1.80 update.

    Even with years of networking experience, I are completely out of ideas and I'm praying someone here is able to help us rectify the issue.
  • Hard to say for sure what may be causing it. have you tried maybe wiping the connection details from the PS3 and redo the settings from scratch?
  • Yep, we've restored it to factory defaults and formatted it.
  • i have the same problem... i have a public IP and i cant connect to games when i put for instance resistance it just tells me connection could not be established... but browser and playstation store work normally and i also have a NAT type 2
  • rec, does your friend use the same internet provider as you? If not it may be something doing with his ISP.
  • The reason ended up being that they switched their fixed-line service from Telstra (Australian carrier) to Optus (a competitor).

    Upon changing the ownership of the line back to Telstra, things started working normally again.

    Absolutely bizarre, it makes no sense what-so-ever, as the carrier chosen for a home phone should not have any effect on internet connectivity.
  • Optus may have had things set up in a way that blocked normal PSN access for online play. Also, having to much traffic in the phone line could possibly throw things off (as i found out here when i was having net connection troubles with my own phone company- turned out the way phone traffic was routed in the lines here was causing me to get disconnected).
  • Hi - just got my new PS 3!!!! and getting set up. This is my first PS experience so I am a newbie to all this. Did auto setup for internet, got updates etc, have got NAT 2 but still can't play online. Need to get from 'moderate' to 'open' setting, but can't figure how to do that. Anyone out there can advise me? Thanks!
  • Jp, check out the pinned thread at the top of this section. You'll need to set up your port forwarding to get full results.