Help killing tyrant in re:cv & w/only 5 granades
  • [B]help!!!!!!!! i am playing resident evil:code veronica on ps2 and i only have 5 granades left and i am in the plane, ready to enter the back of the plane to kill the tyrant and i can't! i have seen everything about the arrows but it's too late and this is all i have. is there anything i can do? or am i totally screwed? please help!!!! if you know of anything, please email me:cry:

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  • So im not the only one with that problem, if u go back a fiew pages in this forum u will see exactly the same thread, so go back some pages and u may find the answer...
  • I think if you can dodge him & hit him w/the catapult enough times he will weaken enough to get pushed off, but it will take forever & take a lot of skillz & luck. ;)

    (At the bottom of page 5 PS2 Game Help is the thread about beating that Tyrant.)

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  • keykat - click HERE to view the thread the guys were talking about.

    The main problem with taking on the tyrant with not much ammo is that he can be a complete git to dodge sometimes and so you might need quite a bit of health boosts (herbs / f.aid spray), but i personally have done it with next to no ammo and so it is possible.