Quack Quack Quack!!
  • I would just like to post a thread to rub in Lyndon's face that the Ducks SMOKED the Senators in the final game!!

    Go ducks!!
    The final score was 6 to 2!!
    Gotta love those duckies!!!:p

    Anaheim Ducks are the NHL Stanley Cup Champions!!1
  • Long Live the Mighty Ducks!!!!! lol :)
  • I was cheering for them as well. The captain (Scott Niedermeyer) used to play for my favorite team.

    I know lyn won't be so excited that the ducks won. I think I remember him saying he wanted Ottawa to win to bring the cup to Canada.
  • Haha. It's okay Mike. I'm sure Lyndon will be a good sport and simply say that Ottawa will get them next year!:p

    My boy and I might actually go to the parade this weekend!