• I'm really intrested in getting it. But I have many questions that need answers. lol. What do I need to get online play? I have a the new skinnier PS2, a memory card, and internet. But theres one big dent in this whole thing. I dont have that little CD-ROM that came in the box the PS2 did.:o
    Is there any way i can get that? One more question.If i did get it, does the speed, model, or capability of my computer effect it. Does it take up sapce on the computer.

    You fellow gamer in need,
  • Going online with your PS2 will not affect your computer in any way- everything is done on the PS2.

    As for the CD, you don't necessarily need that- most games with online capability have the setup for your online connection built in. You could try eBay for the disc or a used game store. I would also suggest getting a router to share the internet connection between your PC and the PS2, otherwise you will have to switch the ethernet cable back and forth each time.