• I returned my Datel Communicator Headset because it wasnt working properly and i decided to wait until Sony unleashes their own so, in the meantime I thought I'd use my old Socom headset.Will this work? I go to Accessory Settings > Audio Device Settings..... and chage the input to Logitec Headset but what should I set the output to?

    Also, I know the headset should work because it did on my PS2 and the audio level bar works when i talk into it.........but for example when i enter a lobby for a game in Resistance:FOM sometime I hear people talking in general but when i talk to them, nobody answers. Is it because of my settings or is it the mic?.....Could you please help

    Ive heard that in order to speak you have to hold down the L3 button... Is this true??
  • If the Socom headset will work act like i just got the headset out of the box and tell me the step by step directions on how to set it up so i can talk to people in Resistance.
  • Set both your input and output to the USB headset and you should be good to go. As you mentioned earlier you do have to hold down the L3 for chatting in Resistance. Doesn't seem like there are many chatters in the game, however.
  • Thanks Lyndon, you're a big help!