Trying to set up online
  • okay i feel really dumb here but im not sure how to set up my online experience through the ps3. I want to build a friends list and all that junk but im totally lost. Plese forgive my ignorance
  • We can more easily help if we knew a bit more about your current internet connection as well as any info regarding your current set up. If you have a router in place already it makes things a lot easier- I would suggest buying one if you don't have it.

    If you do have a router in place you may want to check out this thread. I left some information in the original reply as to how to set things up.
  • well im running cable internet and im going to get a router tomorrow so i can run that and the puter on the net
  • Great- your halfway there then. Once things are hooked up use the instructions I give in the thread i linked to and you should be fine. If you have any problems just post back here and we'll see what we can do. B)