• Wow! What a shock. The Resistance update has been delayed again along with the Motorstorm update. Instead, we just get more trailers for games we have to wait for. I'm so glad I bought a PS3 instead of a Wii.
  • Would you prefer they bring out the update half-assed and buggy? I don't think so, jrs. Myself, I'm glad they decided to hold back to get things working properly- it's a refreshing change from throwing it out there anyway due to deadlines.
  • When they finally do release them, people will exploit the maps anyway to get an advantage. They'll find the hidden holes in the wall that you can hide behind and "jump off" of the map.

    Sony and Insomniac could very easily right this wrong. It's simple, just release the maps for free, since you've lied to us about their release dates over and over again.

    It's not even worth discussing anymore.
  • We all expected it to be delayed really didn't we.
    I mean, i dont really mind when its only a couple of weeks, so they can be sure everything will work fine, thats Sony for you.
    But when they delay the release date of say the PS3 5 months for Europe.. Now that was taking the P**S..
    Sony should really be more careful about mentioning there release dates...:)