Ever had a poltergeist?
  • The other night, I was sitting here on the desktop computer typing. In the next room over, I had my iPod plugged into this --> Stereo System charging. I had the stereo system cut off, and the iPod was cut off. It was simply plugged into it's usb, charging it up.

    No other person was in the house. I was simply typing away when I started to hear some mumbling voices. I kind of sat up straight and looked around, thinking someone was driving by outside with a loud radio. The voices didn't stop, so I stood up and went to see what was going on. I was walking past the room with the stereo in it, and heard very clearly that the iPod was on and playing music.

    Not only was the iPod on, but for the iPod to be on, the stereo system has to physically be POWERED on by hand, or by using a remote. I immediately glanced across the room, and twelve feet away from the stereo sat the remote for it. The remote was facing away from the stereo, against the wall.

    So, I'm pretty sure I've got a poltergeist here.

    Now, for a second, I thought that there was a crazy possibility that a neighbor had the same stereo system in their house, and somehow accidentally turned mine on. That's crazy, I know. I could think up all kinds of scientific explanations, like power surges, interference, etc., but I don't want to be that guy.

    I was pretty freaked out when this happened, and every chance I got, I was glancing over at the stereo in my peripheral vision just to make sure the ghost wasn't listening to Arctic Monkeys on my iPod. One thing that makes this scarier is that my stereo glows neon blue around the CD drives when you turn it on, so I certainly don't want to see a blue glow when its dark in that room.

    :redface: Call me a wimp, but this isn't the first experience I've had with electronics turning on and off by their own. The last TV I had before selling it did this while I was in another room. Explain that to me.

    Anybody else here have ghostly experiences?
  • there was a old dude that played solitaire at my old house
  • Whoa pretty freaky MCW..
    I hate ghost stuff, it really freaks me out..
    I hear the odd random noise and mutters here and there while im trying to sleep, but nothing too serious..
  • Nope, we don't have ghosts of any kind (as far as I know)....:o
    We just get the odd visit from ET every now and then :laugh: lol
  • Ok, I'm starting to think that it isn't a ghost. Since posting this thread, the stereo has mysteriously turned on two more times. That is a rate of one time per day.

    I'm thinking what is happening is that someone in the house next door owns a Sharper Image device of some kind that uses the same remote control. Their remote is beaming through MY wall, and turning my stereo on. I don't know my neighbors, don't care to know them either, so I'm not going to go ask them :huh:.

    Besides, if it was a ghost, why wouldn't he just knock my PS3 off the shelf if he was trying to get my attention. Turning a stereo on and not changing the channels afterward doesn't seem like something a ghost would do.

    If I have any further updates, I'll let you in on them, but it looks like I'm just gonna have to unplug the stereo everyday. Which is a pain, because it clears the memory, and I have to reset the clock on it so it doesn't blink 12:00 all day long :mad:.

    Dumb ghosts.
  • We have one at work

    The pharmacy used to be called Ferry's And there used to be a flat upstairs were all the ferry's lived. Old man ferry died and his son and daughter took over the business.
    Young Mr Ferry got polio when he was at uni and was paraplegic and his sister looked after him. He was always sick and when i started the pharmacy had been bought about by another company but whenever Mr Ferry was sick there would be loads of banging - things would go missing upstairs and the taps would get turned on. Marilyn (0ne of the women who worked under the ferry's said it was old man ferry who haunted this place.) She was once in the stockroom and glass bottles flung themselves at her from the shelves and when we went up to check there was no way they could have just fallen off
    Young mr ferry died just before christmas and the taps have never ran since.....

    Chris N STAFF will probably tell you the tale of his fathers photograph that used to be hung up over the TV.......It would fly into the middle of the floor when his mam was in hospital but it has never done it since she died - so she must be keeping him out of mischeif now
  • awww, he just must've missed her then :)
    Either that or she's constantly on his back now and he never has any spare time to be mischievous :eek:
  • Quote: awwww, he must've missed her then :)

    Either that or she's contantle on his back now and he never has eny spare time to be mischievous

    lol por guy

    my mum has told me some that she has seen.

    there was a old woman in the kitchen that walked in and out / through the kitchen door my mum recons she is the old mans wife and there is a small black dog in the yard.

    i've only eva seen the old man but i remember my dad complaining that the old woman wanted more paprika on just about everything he cooked.

    also my mum used to be the bell ringer at saint stevens cherch in sydney and there was a old man who sat on his own tomb stone every night
  • Are ghosts really this common.
    I'm getting scared now.. :eek: :(
  • I guess they are this common Rob. :) 'Cept, I'd imagine you'd have a better chance of meeting them if you live in an older house, or in a castle where people were beheaded.

    Well, while looking around on the internet, I kept seeing this same ghost picture over and over. Check out this actual news story from CNN. It's crazy...

    Ghost at Hampton Court Palace outside London
  • Hmm yeah there are so many stories on the internet isn't there.
    Im living in a house built in the 18th century. :eek: (300 years old).
    But most ghosts are suppose to be friendly, and i lived here for around a year now so...:confused:...lets hope i'm ghost free..

    That ghost :o, spooky......
  • it's the ghost of christmas yet to come.

    oh wait on closer expetion of the pic

    IT'S THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :)
  • I have only had one scary experience where I could only explain it as being some sort of ghost.

    A month or so ago when I went to work in the morning, I was assigned to take care of the cats for the first half of the morning. I was told that there weren't many cats and by my count there really wasn't. Only two could be found in the possible 15 rooms...and both of them were brothers so I took them out and played with them both.

    I shut their room door once I had both of them wandering around and as they were sitting on me curled up and everything I heard a distinct hiss. It sounded like a very very angry kitty.

    I looked at the two cats on my lap and both of them were snuggled up fast asleep and I heard the hiss again.

    I looked up and examined the rooms to double check and see if I was hearing things or if it was for real a hiss coming from some sort of phantom cat.

    No rooms were occupied, and there were no cats to be found apart from the two who laid fast asleep on the stools.

    Really creepy I know. I've thought of bringing it up with my boss, but I doubt he'll believe me.:o This incident hasn't only happened once though. It's been a repeated hiss anytime I step into that area of my work place.

    Makes me wonder what's happened.
  • It's because you're a dog person, Mel, and not a cat person.
    If you were a cat person then you'd probably hear a phantom dog growling, lol :laugh:
  • Lol..:laugh:

    Maybe a cats stuck to the ceiling. Lol...

    Spooky though, i must say... :o