driver 2 again lol
  • this mission chase the gun man or somthing is realy pi__ me off coz im so darn close to beating the game. the yellow car ceaps up with him. the red 1 is better to get in front of him at the start. but i realy need some tactical help with thisthe most damage i've eva don to him is greenish yellow on the damage bar i did that with the red 1 but then i went out of controle and lost him. and 1 time i hit him and went off the edge of the cliff and he spun out of control but i've been playing this lvl non stop for 2 days and its making me sleepy and my eyes are killing me.

    i need tactics PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hello martin, i´ll try to explain you in a few words, because i am brazilian e my english in not so good.
    so, the secret is to try put your car in front of him *(not side by side) at the large avenue, before de viaducts (passing by). if you don´t smash him ´till there, forget and try again, and over, and over... i spent months and patience to do this (i did twice, ehehhe).
    but you can follow him to the cliff, but it is almost impossible.
    i hope i´ve helped.
    good luck.
  • it´s me again, maybe it is easily for you to understand.
    get your car and at the first corner go through the 2 coconut palms and stay in front of the gun man´s car, do not accelerate anymore, leave him push you and his bar will decrease, if you preffer, you can do a 180 degrees in front of him, when his is finishing.