Midnight Oil?! More Like 3 AM oil!!
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    [drupal=211]Midnight Oil?! More Like 3 AM oil!![/drupal]

    Please forgive me first and foremost if I have any sort of spelling errors in this blog entry.You would think after working my little katooshka off this weekend I would be much more awake and happy. I'm a little disappointed and disillusioned is more like it.I started this semester in a rush and have been rushing ever since. After tomorrow I will be completely and totally knocked out.
  • A FIT? :o Charming. It's just common curtasy (spelling?) to state when you are leaving so there :p lol
    Anyhoo, glad your college is going well Mel, keep up the great work :clap:
    I'm sure Jane will have the Choccy Fountain waiting for you when you're all done, or maybe she'll upgrade to a Hottub filled with liquid chocolate, now THAT would be nice ;)