It's good to talk...
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    Sooo, I finally got to speak on the APi chat on Sunday. Spoke with Tiff (a lil bit), his new wife Jane, Lyn, and Mel.

    Dunno what happened to everyone else though.
    Was it something I said, or didn't say? :confused:
  • Jane and Tiff were there?!?!??!?!:eek:
  • Yup, Jane went practically at the same time you arrived.
    Tiff went earlier because he wanted to watch Doctor Who. They were too busy showing wedding and holiday snaps to their friends on Saturday so he couldn't watch it.
  • Yeah we were there. The kaptop was playing up too so Tiff had to leave or it would have ended up being thrown on the garden lol!! It doesnt like the chat software!
    Hopefully should be around this sunday too - depending on wetehr or not we are packed up enough. Enough so that tiff will let me off for a while - but not too much that the PC is packed away :p
  • Jane N STAFF said:
    Yeah we were there. The kaptop was playing up too...

    Well you make sure you get that "Kaptop" fixed and working properly, ok? :p lol