Having problems setting up online play
  • Hi,
    Just had a new high speed installed on my computer,and the tech was setting up my playstation 2 to play online for me. He was unable to do this because i do not have the set up disc needed to setup for online play. Any way that i can get one of these discs or download it through computer to play online. I have never played online before so this is very new to me,i can't find the box the system came in because i am sure that is where the disc is. Thanks for any help with this.
  • First off, congrats on the high speed internet service- I'm sure you are wondering how you put up with dial up for so long by now.

    Just about every online-enabled game for the PS2 has the connection set up routine built in. When you go to the online portion of the game select "make a new conection" to get to this.
  • it says i need a setup disc, is their away to get around this because i do not have this.
  • That is a bit unusual- the disc is not really required to get going online in the US. As I said before most games have the set up routine built into their online component. You may be able to find a disc by calling Sony's tech help number or by checking out used game stores/ pawn shops.
  • Thank you i am trying to get a disc from someone that has the console. The tech that set it up thought it was kind of weird to he said he just popped his game in and reset configuration and it worked. Figures i try it and i need everything to get it started.
  • I got same problems, i tried to play Smackdown vs Raw 2007 online, and made a new connection, then when I went to test the connection, it just say please ait for a very long time. So do I have to get the disk thing, and if anyone has can i borrow it please.