• On the XBOX 360 you are able to play with 4 friends on the same console, while playing online. Are there any PS3 games where you will be able to play with multiple people on the same console while playing online?

    Also, has anyone purchased the logitech keyboard for the PS3? Do you like it?
  • I haven't seen any PS3 game that allows multiple people online with the one console, husker.

    As for the keyboard, I haven't tried it but Logitech is usually a good brand, judging by their mice and the Action Wireless Controller for the PS2.
  • Is the PS3 even able to have multiple people on the same console online? If not than thats 1 point for XBOX LIVE.
  • The xbox 360 uses a guest system right...
    I am pretty certain Sony haven't integrated anything like this just yet. It is definitely an aim for the future...