Star Robot Chicken Wars
  • I was watching Adult Swim the other night and was wondering if any of you saw the hilarious Star Wars special Robot Chicken episode. If you haven't seen the episode, you may check it out at this URL:
    [adult swim] | Shows - Robot Chicken - Star Wars
    .....but be forewarned that some material might be inappropriate for those of you who are a little younger.

    Personally I thought it was just plain hilarious! The whole situation with Darth Vader and Jar Jar Binks just completely had me crying because I was laughing so hard.:)

    What was your favorite sketch folks?
  • I like when Lobot is dancing like a maniac to the Disco Star Wars theme.
  • I liked that too!

    Or the Empire on Ice was pretty good too.:)
  • Tiff loves this robot chicken thingy!! Never had the pleasure myself though - im more of an invader zim girl