• I have a standard UK version Playstation3 and all I want to know is whether it will play NTSC format PS2 games or not?

    Many thanks

  • Welcome to Absolute PlayStation, raf.

    Unfortunately, the answer is no- the region coding for PS2 games (as well as PSOne games, movies on DVD and Blu Ray movies) is in full effect. The UK system will be able to play most PS3 games from any region, however.

    The one caveat here is most games will be using regional servers so if you happen to pick up the North American version of Motorstorm you will be connecting to the North American game servers, thereby unable to play against your UK friends.
  • Thanks for your reply, so I can't play NTSC format games but what about PAL format from other european countries? Can I play French Version PAL PS2 games on my UK version PS3?

  • Not so sure about France- they use another television standard altogether (SECAM) and their games may not work. Games from other countries in Europe as well as Australia should work as they are all PAL.
  • Good news for all PS3 Lovers Now you can play almost 95% of cross region games, means NTSC on PAL And PAL on NTSC..Enjoy. Update to Version 1.82. I have tested it my self
  • This would be true of PlayStation 3 games only- as mentioned before, region coding on PS2 games is still in effect.