Pro evolution soccer
  • In ISS pro for the playstation you could do a one two by holding down L1 + x for a low one two or L1 + 0 for a high one two.According to the instruction manual for Pro Evolution Soccer, on the PLAYSTATION 2 you can do a one two by again holding down the L1 + 0 and 0 again when the other player receives the pass.I have tried and tried,even spent a full hour in training trying to engage the one two and so have a few of my friends but it doesn't work.Can anyone do the one two on Pro Evolution Soccer for the Playstation 2

  • Partick, thats exactly how you do it, you just need to time it right to execute it. Theres only one reason i can think of why its not happening for you and that is if you've changed the controller configuration.

    Just keep practising and you'll get the hang of it :)

    Oh, and have you noticed that at half time or at the end of a game the stats come up and tell you how many shots you've had but itstead of it saying ''Shots'' it says ''Shoots''. Just a typo, no big deal.
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    I do not agree with Evil Resident here and also I have not been able to do the one-two as it says in manual - I think the manual is wrong because the one-two works by pressing "L1+X" and then pressing "Triangle".