memory card not found
  • ps2 with genuine 64mb card. was working fine for few days but after playing sims2 for ps2 now doesnt recognise the card in any other game
    Says either no card in serted or if found is full
    thanks ross
  • That memory card is not an actual Sony memory card- they never did make a 64 MB card for the PS2. More likely it is made by MadCatz, Pelican or Intec. These companies do not make licensed cards.

    The only memory cards Sony makes are 8 MB in size. They are easily spotted on the shelf by the yellow cardboard backing in the blister pack. Scrap that card you have and get the real deal.
  • thats right they have so many problems and we have diffrent standards so they work for a few days and screw up so if you want to repair a memery card take the screws out slid it up as far as it will go and put a dab of glue behind it so it is held in place verry steady it works for me i was given 6 of them to repair for game traders out of 40. 23 came back within 2 weeks see ya i hope this was helpfull or for more console repairs email me at [email][/email] i check my email every day i can!