Jak & daxter help please!
  • I can't seem to find 4 Precursor Orbs in the Forbidden Jungle.
  • Hmm-I think I stil have some orbs left to get there as well.Here is a listing of where all the orbs are in Forbidden Jungle:

    4 Orbs: On the bridge between the Village and the Jungle
    8 Orbs: On the path between the bridge to the Village and the bridge over the
    Fisherman's river
    9 Orbs: On the tree stumps along the path between the bridge to the Village and
    Eco Beam Tower
    2 Orbs: On the tree stumps across the creek between Eco Beam Tower 2 and Eco
    Beam Tower 3
    5 Orbs: On the Eco Beam collecting machine
    2 Orbs: On the bridge above the Fisherman's river
    8 Orbs: On the circular steps around the Dark Eco Plant escape tube
    4 Orbs: On the tree stumps near Eco Beam Tower 4
    2 Orbs: Near the Blue Eco bridge to the Precursor Temple
    6 Orbs: On ledges outside of the base of the Precursor Temple
    2 Orbs: On an upper floor of the Precursor Temple
    12 Orbs: In the tunnel between the Temple Central Room and the Blue Eco Switch
    12 Orbs: Along the corridor through the Blue Eco doors between the Blue Eco
    Switch and the Temple Central Room. (Some are in the Blue Eco Switch room itself)
    10 Orbs: Above the Blue Eco Launcher in the tunnel from the Temple Central Room
    10 Orbs: Above the Blue Eco Launcher in the corridor between the Temple Central
    Room and the Dark Eco Plant
    2 Orbs: On a platform in the corridor between the Temple Central Room and the
    Dark Eco Plant
    5 Orbs: Step on the head of the Dark Eco Plant 5 times after it is dead
    5 Orbs: Above the Dark Eco Plant escape tube
    4 Orbs: In the open in the valley below the Dark Eco Plant escape tube
    20 Orbs: In the Blue Eco Device in the valley below the Dark Eco Plant escape
    3 Orbs: Along the river below the Blue Eco bridge
    15 Orbs: In the shallows near the "Follow The Canyon To The Sea" Power Cell
  • Cheers for the list.
  • I have to thank you too, Lyndon.
    I couldn't find them all either.
    My son did let me in on bouncing on the dead plant's head to get those pesty orbs. :0
  • While we're on the topic of orbs, i missed 10 orbs in sentinel beach. I've looked absolutely everywhere and i've gone over it a bzillion times, looked through the water and everything. I swear they must be invisible!
    Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
  • Have you gotten to the Cannon Tower & used the cannon yet? That's one way to get them.
  • Yep, i've blown open those boxes using the cannon, i've got all the ones in the water, i've got the ones in and around the ruins. I'll have another look around next time i play and tell you how i go.
  • Have you checked the Blue Eco device near where you push off the Flut Flut egg?There are some orbs in that at first-10,to be exact.Ifyou haven't done that yet,have a chat with the old lady in the village for details.
  • Has anyone found the frozen crate in the snowy mountains ? I have searched the place flat but cant seem to find it. It is the only orb I cant find in that area.

    The spider caves are also pretty d@mn hard. I takes a while to get to the top of the statue
  • [b]No kidding-I lost count how any times I wound up dropping off those trap doors trying to get on the poles to swing across areas.I still have to find 2 more dark eco crystals in there to blast.
  • Well,I managed to finish J&D a couple of days ago-now I'm going back to grab the bits I missed before (mainly precursor orbs).Only one thing is puzzling me-how are you supposed to open those strongboxes in Misty Island?The red Eco charge doesn't seem to help with busting them open and there's no yellow Eco nearby. ???
  • Luckily I managed to get them all the first time around so if I can remember correctly you have to get up to the canon and blast them with that. This is if these are the ones in the round building with high walls.
  • [b]Hmm-I should've thought of that before after messing with the cannon on Sentinel Beach before-thanks,Shagger,I'll give that a go!
  • Just fully completed the spider caves and it is certainly the hardest level so far.......There are two dark eco crystals underwater (one in the dark section the other in a pool by the dark eco "pond" that leads to the dark section).
  • Yay, i'm back online. My modem blew up last week (probably from over-use) and havn't been able to get back on until today.

    Thanks for help guys, i found the pecursor orbs i was looking for. There was one of those things that you need blue eco to open up next to the nest of the huge bird, i dont know how i missed it...

    Now i have everything 100% complete up to mountain pass (i could have finished it by now, but i've been busy playing THPS3).