Can't get Guitar Hero or Guitar Hero 2 to work properly on my PS2 Slim
  • Hi, and thanks in advance. :)

    I have a PS2 slim and this question concerns my copies of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2. When I went to play GH2 this evening, the start-up screen loaded at a normal speed but once the game itself began loading, the loading time for every game screen took anywhere between 5 and 10 times it's normal length to load! Moreover, when I did get to finally access songs, they sound completely choppy and are not in sync with the images appearing on screen.

    I thought maybe it could be the game, so I tried Guitar Hero (the first one) and it pretty much did the same thing, except it loaded to a certain part of the intro, where the video froze and the sound kept skipping like a wayward CD.

    At this point I thought something was up with my PS2, so I tried a couple other games, and they worked completely fine. No loading lag, no gameplay interference, and all the sounds etc. match up.

    I'm stumped as to why it's only affecting GH and GH2? :confused: I doubt this is a "known" issue but perhaps you can help me figure things out. I really don't know if this is a hardware or software issue anymore, so I took a chance and posted here.

    Thanks again for your time!


    UPDATE: None of my games work now, I'm stuck on "Reading disc..." screen with each game. Running the Auto-diagnosis thing doesn't seem to help at all, either...I'm probably gonna have to buy a new system eh...
  • I would like to bump this up and get an answer I'm having the same problem.

    I bought Guitar Hero 2 and played it for about 3 weeks having a blast, every once in a while the song would lag for a second putting it out of sync. Then it started freezing. Now I cant get the game to load.

    Whenever I put GH2 in the playstation it just clicks and clicks and clicks then does nothing and a black screen.

    If I play any other game, it loads up and plays fine, no clicking etc, played final fantasy for 2 hours last night.

    I opened the ps and cleaned the eye and oiled the bars and the game actually started loading the first time i rehooked it up but then froze out again and now wont load up like old times once again at all.

    Please help! I really want to play guitar hero and I dont have the cash to buy another playstation.
  • So I bought the most recent PS2 build, found a used one on eBay for about 60 bucks. No problems so far, except the occasional lag. Calibrating it seems to work most of the time when it does lag, but other times it does nothing at all.

    I've been saving up for a PS3 and hope that doesnt experience the same sorts of issue with GH3, or any other GH for that matter....

    Good luck on fixing your problem! I still haven't found a reasonable explanation/solution anywhere, and I HAVE looked... :rolleyes: If I do run across anything I'll be sure to post it here -