Dynasty warriors 2 again!
  • On the manuel they say I can "hold down the L1 Button to move the camera behind your character and guard against frontal attacks"!
    It's very frustrating beacause I see the hardest enemies blocking my attacks and then when I try to guard I cannot!
    Does my characters blocks randomly according to his general status?
  • When you hold L1 you should be able to block any enemies that you are facing, but I think some enemies do musao attacks which you cannot block.
  • You basically have to be good at blocking and be powerful. If you practice your timing you'll get good at it. The best I have done was blocking Lu Bu's mosou attack. You can't move while blocking either or they can attack you. :thumbsup:
  • Still, one more thing:
    Holding L1 is enough to block the attacks or do I have to press L1 IN THE MOMENT the enemy is about to hit me?
  • You have to hold it before you are attacked. :D