• When I turn on my PS3 and during games there is a scrolling line of graphics that is a lighter color than the colors it is passing through. I tried switching to component cables and it just made it larger and worse and is generally a purple or blue color. Any solutions to this problem or do I need to return my PS3?
  • The problem may be in the tv and not the PS3 at all. You may want to try hooking up to another television just to check.
  • I have a similar problem that only occurs when I watch Blu-Ray movies, or play Blu-Ray games. What happens is, horizontal black stripes will appear during otherwise brightly-lit scenes of movies, or in games. The stripes are always horizontal, and go from top to bottom on my screen. These stripes are very annoying but they do not appear when I watch regular DVD's on my PS3.

    I don't understand what is causing it, but I think it may be my TV. I have a Toshiba Flat-Tube 1080i HDTV. I am using my PS3 with an HDMI Cable. Anyone else having this problem?

    And more importantly, why is this only happening during blu-ray/HD material? Is my TV trying to tell me something? Should I try downgrading to component cables?
  • I requested help in a Blu-Ray only forum as well, and I happened to find a picture on the net that accurately shows what is happening with my TV.

    My problem isn't as severe as what you see here, but it is pretty darn close. Again, it is only during Blu-Ray games/movies, and HD material that I watch on the PS3. The problem also was visible on my last PS3, the one that blew-up and would no longer play Blu-Ray films (:rolleyes:).

    Please help guys. I want to watch Blu-Rays, but I need to know if my TV is crappy or if something else is the matter.


  • I am having a similar problem, which started when I tried to hook up my PS3 to my 1080 sony LCD using composite HD cables (where the bars were colored usually purple), and then when I hooked it back up to my regular 480 tv i have the same bars but they are translucent. This occurs anytime I try to use the PS3. I also posted something on the this issue under the thread "Problems with display". If anyone has any ideas please reply to this or shoot me an email @ [email]mcshultz@hotmail.com[/email].