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    [drupal=220]What a Long Day[/drupal]

    I don't particularly feel all that comfortable writing down this entry because I am not entirely sure how you all will take it. I told you all that I didn't want to write anymore blogs about being upset and such, but I've come to discover that being upset is just part of what makes life what it is. Humans wouldn't be humans if we didn't have a sense of emotions and self esteem right?Some things need to be said though. This is one of those upset posts so for all those who don't appreciate it, I will tell you now that there are several other places where you could occupy your eyes and if you don't want to read you don't have to. I'm not forcing you...and if you don't care about what you're reading then why are you still reading?
  • Aww mel, why didn't you say anything? You know you can talk to me about anything.

    I really hope you find some way to deal with all this anxiety, be it through conselling or not.

    We'll all keep thinking about you Mel, and hoping everything turns out for the best *hugs*