I'm a Regular Arteest!!
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    Well howdy folks!!I'm back from my short little nap and was deciding that I should upload some drawings I did while i was in class.:) I don't know how many of you have actually taken a glance at my Fanfiction that is posted on fanfiction.net. If you haven't, you should! Cuz otherwise you'll just look at these drawings and go .."oh, cute".Both of these drawings have to do with my fanfiction.
  • Well I am very surprised you showed us them Mel. You're always on about being afraid to show stuff off.

    Oh wait, that might be your writing you're on about. OK I look stupid now :eek:

    Great pics anyway Mel :D
  • Nice work Mel! Yes, I have read your FanFiction work and thought it was great stuff! I recommend the members here check it out!:D