• Hi there I just got my PS3 yesterday but I have a few questions about it's BT function.

    Can I transfer files say from my phone to PS3 or vice versa via BT (also my laptop)? I am struggling to get any connection between them and even when I use my USB cable the PS3 doesn't pick it up.

    If this can be done what do I need to do?
  • I do not believe file transfers via bluetooth are possible with the PS3- it uses the tech for connecting controllers to the system (the SixAxis, blu-ray remote, etc.) and that's about it.

    You would be better off picking up an inexpensive USB thumb drive to do any file transfers you want to take care of. You may be able to do transfers from your laptop to the PS3 via the USB cable but you would need to have the files you are transferring at the top level of your drive directory.
  • Ok thanks I'll try that!