PS3: Home ??
  • Howdy all!

    I was checking out video's on last night and came across one for PS3 that was about up and coming new stuff for the console.
    It is called home, does anyone know more about this and what do you think about it.

    Worf:confused: :o
  • Home is an online community for PS3 users. In here you can talk to other players as well as meet up with friends to play games. As you likely saw in the videos you have checked several minigames will be available including bowling, pool and a number of arcade-like games. Also available is an area to watch various videos- this will include game videos as well as clips from television, movies, etc.

    Each person also gets a private "apartment" which can be customized to your own tastes. This area can be made completely private to avoid unwelcome visitors. the selection of items to decorate with should be somewhat broad but there will be other items available for purchase (likely at a buck or so each). Also included is a Trophy area, which will house virtual trophies of accomplishments you have made in games (somewhat similar to achievements on the XBox 360). This section can be made public or private- your choice.

    Currently Home is in a closed beta of roughly 15,000 people. Early reports said they would expand the beta to 50,000 by August so there is yet a chance for some of us to get in on an early sneak peek. Home is slated for full release (which will be free) this fall, most likely in October or November.

    My opinion? It's an interesting idea that definitely is different from the competitors. I will no doubt use it some but I can't see myself spending long periods of time in there- I'd be mainly checking minigames or videos. Still, hard to say for sure until i can get a hands-on.
  • hey Lyn, when it finally comes out we'll have to sort out an APi (PS3 Owners) chat.
    Imagine, could be at a different apartment each week just hanging out, talking to eachother. Be a LOT better than the chat we use now, haha :D

    Of course that would rule Non-PS
  • Ok, but i'll warn you now- you spill anything on the carpet and you'll be cleaning it yourself! :frown:
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Ok, but i'll warn you now- you spill anything on the carpet and you'll be cleaning it yourself! :frown:

    Ah screw that, just remove it and swap it for another one

    Think I'll do's easier than cleaning :laugh: haha