• :( I have been playing the God of War games starting out with God of War 2 which I have finished...what a great game!

    Anyway I started playing the first game and I am stuck..... I am about half way threw the game I think and I am now swimming in some tunnels, I just swam down pass a sunken statue and now have to swim down to the left and hide next to a ledge before a chain pulling a small block the size of the tunnel gets to me!

    Now I can swim fast anuff to get to that first ledge but there is know way I can get to the next hiding spot before the next chain pulled block comes along:frown: and pushes me to my death....
    Any help you can give me would be great :-)

    Good thing I have unlimited air supply....

  • Hey Worf!

    Are you using the R1 button to swim faster? Wait until the block passes then go up with the R1 charged to blast ahead. That should help get you to the safe areas.
  • Hey Chris

    Thanks for the tip..... I,m sad to say yes I have used the R1 button for swimming fast.....
    I'm able to get to the first ledge with it but I always mess up trying to get to the next spot in time..... I almost made it one time!:mellow:

    I think my problems is I am not that fast or I don't reacte that fast....

    I am going to try again tonight......

    Thanks for the help

  • Hello, This is my First time asking a questions. I don't know if I should ask it here. I'm playing God Of War 1. I'm fighting the big guy with a sword and he is now standing not doing anything. I keep hitting him with my sword and it just goes by him. What should I do? Can some one help Please. I fell this is almost the end of the game, but not sure.....Thank you.