crazy machine
  • my ps2 wont read any disc`s that are cromed on the back-side, only black or purple backsides. it say that the disc is unreadable but how come it`s read the other disc`s. it doesn`t matter if it`s old or new game disc`s. Please help... T.Hammeer:confused:
  • Your PS2's DVD lens is out of alignment. Those silver back discs are DVDs. Black undersides are PSOne games on CD-ROM and the purple back are PS2 games on CD-ROM.

    There are different sites around the net that show how to fix this- I won't link to them, however, as i am hesitant to advise using them unless you are sure of what you are doing. I've seen several people who have waded in to fix their lens and wound up disconnecting a cable due to carelessness and not being able to get it reconnected, making the system useless. You may be better off looking into a local repair shop or get someone more confortable with working inside electronics.