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    Well thanks to those stupid foiled terrorist attacks in Great Britian, my boy got delayed. He is unable to come home tonight. He will have to wait until (worse case scenario) Monday. At the earliest he said probably Friday...but I am kinda gloomy now to the point where I don't wanna get my hopes up. What's the point? I might as well just expect him to be home on Monday. He said he's gonna have to go to Germany instead of London because of all the stuff going on there so he's not gonna be home tonight.
  • Oh I'm so sorry Mel, I should've thought. I'd of told you if I wasn't so stupid.
    As of er 3PM yesterday all flights were either majorly delayed or even cancelled I believe. I should've thought, I'm sorry.

    I hope he manages to get back really soon to you, just really horrible that after all that you still miss out because of some stupid Doctors. I mean, Doctors!? Why would they want to try to blow up an airport?

    Anyway, cheer up Mel, you'll see him very soon *big hugs*