Watching PC video files on PS3
  • Does anyone know how I can watch the video files from my pc on my PS3. I can transfer my music from my pc to my PS3 using a flash drive, but when I try to do this with video files it says they are unsupported. What format must the files be? I converted some of my video files to MP4 which I know the PS3 can play, but they still do not work.
  • I had a little bit of trouble finding the answer, Sony doesn't make anything easy on you.

    Take a look at this page, it will help you out.

    Types of files that can be played

    Hopefully some of your videos are in the required filetypes. If not, there are lots of decent freeware converters out there for video, like on download.c**.

    I do not know why your MP4 file didn't work... but the page I linked to says that it could happen with certain files, its just one of those things.

    Good luck!