• well as my first post I'll address a subject near and dear to my heart: Transformers. I've been a TF fan since I was 4 and got Optimus Prime for Christmas. I still collect the toys, especially the reissues and classic lines (Have you seen the new Soundwave reissue? Friggin sweet!). I have all 4 seasons of G1 and all 3 seasons of Beast Wars, in my opinion the best of all the series that have aired.

    I have been psyched for this movie since I heard of it a year or so ago. Since then I did not follow any of the fan rumor sites or watch any trailers. I was let down with Star Wars since I did follow the rumors and see any production pics I could. When I caught a glimpse of the faces of Megatron and Optimus I began to get a little leery of the movie. They just weren't what I remembered from the toys and cartoons and comics. But after the first 5 minutes I was hooked, but then got bored when the humans got in the way. The CG was seamless and I could watch them transform over and over again (though I do miss the original sound effect). All in all I was exceptionally happy with the movie and can't wait to see it again.
  • First of all let me give my congratulations for deciding to join the Number 1 Sony Console Third-Party Forum on the entire net, Absolute-Playstation.
    So welcome to the place Voxel, I hope you enjoy your stay, and well done for plucking up the courage to post your first post.

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    Now to the subject of your post, Transfromers.

    That sound effect that they make when transforming still rings in the back of my head. What a sound :)

    Now, regarding the movie, this is one of the Summer bloackbusters I definitely HAVE to see, it looks brilliant!
    Optimus looks amazing, all shiny and everything :D

    So what else do you like Voxel? What consoles do you own and what are your favourite games?

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  • I heard the movie was amazing. Im hopefully going to see it soon.
  • I was in to see the movie this afternoon. My expectations were a bit low as I was still unsure of some of Michael Bay's character redesigns. Suffice to say, i came out of the show very impressed. It's a good bit longer than i expected it to be- almost 2.5 hours long!

    Guess I'll be adding another movie to the collection when it comes out in stores this winter. B)
  • I just saw Transformers. I loved it! The new camaroes are badass.
  • Transformers was by far the best movie i have seen in years, it was most definetly then all of the comic book movies, story line was great, CG was completely awesome
  • I saw the movie about 2 or three weeks ago.. Its cool! Although I had a hard time on distinguishing between the autobots and septicons while they are fighting.. ^_^v
  • Squall9999 said:
    I saw the movie about 2 or three weeks ago.. Its cool! Although I had a hard time on distinguishing between the autobots and septicons while they are fighting.. ^_^v

    you must have been sitting on the bottom row?!?! how could you get them confrused!!
  • It looked as though the septicons were much bigger than the autobots. I never did watch much of the tv show, was it supposed to be that way?
  • Most of the Autobots were somewhat smaller than the Decepticons (do get the names right folks ;) ) in the original show. Optimus Prime, Jetfire and Ultra Magnus were among the biggest of them other than the combiners when joined together.