• Dear Absolute playstation i really like your website.This is the only website which i have visited offers a cheat book and lots of games. I have 2 questions. First the cheat book you offer has some problems, when i click the link to get a free cheat book it says website not found or Authorization reqquried. My second ques- tion is that is the cheat book going to be mailed to me or is it going to be a download file.


    I have

    this cheat is for Jaws Unleashed ps2. When you are writing your username type Blooood it gives you 100,000 points;)
  • Welcome to the site, Ammar.

    I tried the link for the cheat book and had no problems with it. The instructions are right in the post. Just use the username and password given when you click the link inside and you should have Adobe Acrobat reader open with the cheat book showing. Then you can save it to wherever you like on your computer. If you don't have the reader you can get it for free at Adobe.
  • I would also like to say welcome and Im glad you like the website. I noticed in your post you included a cheat. If you would like us to post this up on the webiste you can submit it by filling out the form at the bottom of this page


    Then shortly after that it will be posted up on the main site and show your username by it as well.

    Have fun posting!!