• I can`t get into the cave I don
  • I think I know the spot you mean.Go just past the gate and climb up on top of the doorway.Give the cliff a swat with the sword to open the way in.Do the diving strike to crack the stone and fall through to collect the stuff.When you hit the switch the gate will open to let you out and continue on.
  • Yep!! I own the game it works!!! I thought this game was a pretty good rpg.
  • Just to clarify things,Masterman,it's actually a 3D platformer,not an RPG.It is a great game though.
    I'm currently working my way through the Underworld levels now.
  • My mistake Lyndon.
  • that level is cool i have the demo so i can onlygo through the first level, how to get up top is around the left corner there is a cliff type hill you go up then you go to the light brown wall chop the wall with your sword then go on top of the tomb type thing and smash it with the jump and hit, like when your at a check point then collect your red heart and your coins.