I've got a PS3 japanese version (NTSC) what I should do to make it workable in Italy
  • Hi,
    I've bought one unit on PS3 from Japan.
    Somebody told me that I've to break the code to make it workable in Italy with the PAL system. Can someone help to solve this problem ?
  • There's no "code" to break, navigo.

    If you plan on just playing PlayStation 3 games you will be fine- PS3 games are not region coded. Your local PlayStation 3 games will work fine. Your problems may lie in the television you are using- if you are not hooked up do a television that handles high definition the games won't show properly (different tv standards in Japan).

    Your local Blu-Ray movies, DVD movies, PS2 and PSOne games, however, won't work. Region coding is in full effect and there is no way to get around it.