Playstation Network Customer Service
  • My connection to the playstation network keeps failing
    It keeps on asking me to obtain a IP Address, on top of that I can't
    sign up like the web site says. What do i need to do?
  • We'll need some more information as to how you are trying to get online, Romale. Do you have a router sharing your internet connection? Are you hooked up via ethernet cable or going it wirelessly?

    The instructions here will help if you are using a router. First you will have to go into the PlayStation 3's Settings menu and down at the bottom is the Network Settings, where you make your adjustments for the internet connection. You can try going all easy at first but if that doesn't work you will have to make some custom adjustments. Set an IP address somewhere in the range that your router uses but be sure to make it high enough not to interfere with anything else going online. You will also need the router's IP address, the subnet mask (usually and any DNS Server addresses. Most of this can be found on the router's Status page or in among the router settings.

    Once things are done you will have to find where on the router you set specific IP addresses for things you want to go online. When here put the IP address you gave the PS3 along with the MAC Address of the PS3 (you'llsee this in System information under the Settings menu on the PS3) and saveyour entries on the router.

    One other option is to put the PlayStation 3's Mac ADdress into the router's DMZ (demilitarized zone). This puts the system in full view of the internet outside the router's protection. No worries though as there is nothing out there that can harm the PS3 (all the wanna-be hakk0rz are too busy targeting Windows and IE).