Internet connection error
  • I am having problems connecting my ps3 to the net. IP address is successful but connection is failing and showing error code 80710102. Not sure what it means!!!?? What can i do????? :confused:
  • You may have to get a bit more advanced with your connection and makes some changes in your router's configuration. I usually suggest either setting up a custom IP address for the PS3 in the router's DCHP area or you can set the PS3 up in the router's DMZ (demilitarized zone) which places it outside any firewalls the router has in place. Your router's manual (found on the CD that came with it) will show how to do it.
  • Thanks for your help but still not connected!!! Connected straight from modem! Have manually entered the IP address which was successful but connection still failing. Have added firmware but still getting the same error code (80710102). Says something is wrong with DNS and i've tried entering manually but still no good. Please help, seriously considering taking my PS3 back to the store:mad: !!!!!!
  • Connected directly to the modem, you say? That can be a part of the problem. Sometimes when switching the modem back and forth between a game system and your computer it has to be power cycled (turn off for 15 seconds or so then turn back on) in order to free up the IP address. You may have to enter other information from your ISP such as the DNS Servers, if you haven't yet. Also, if your ISP decided to change your IP address (as they are prone to do occassionally) your settings would get thrown off.

    It is really recommended to get a router for sharing the connection- it lets you avoid the hassle of switching wires around each time you want one or the other online and lets you keep both online at the same time.