It's The Good Summer
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    Well folks, I've finally pinched myself to post another blog for you all to read. It is currently right smack in the middle of the summer.So here's an update:My last week at Petsmart PetsHotel is next week and I am scheduled past my two week mark. I put my 2 weeks notice in on the 4th of July, so that would make my last day the 18th, but apparently my assistant manager is a little awful at math...because he scheduled me until the 22nd. I'm seriously considering not showing up because I gave them proper notice...and technically two weeks is two weeks right?? My new job is going to be at a resturant hopefully. I wanna get back to working with people instead of dogs. It'll be nice to be back in that sort of situation. At the very least, I'm going to be applying at a new resturant opening close by here called Flap Jack's which is supposed to be an Alaskan style resturant. It'll be nice to have a job again. I just have to wait for the Now Hiring sign.
  • Good to hear your life is shining at the mo0ment (you get it? the sun shines, sun usually = summer, well i thought it was funny and clever :p lol).
    Er about your job though, I thought you were going to wrok extra off your own back because it gets you quite a bit extra money; I'm confused now from what you told me and what yopu put in your blog as they kinda contridict eachother :confused: :eek:

    Hope your Uncle gets it sorted for you because you won't be able to get a hotel so late in the day (as in nearly the time of the actual convention).
    So keep me fingers crossed for ya, hun :)

    Speak soon