RE COde Veronica X
  • Hey guys,
  • Yeah - the trick is to use the sniper rifle at aim at his heart. Alternatively - a few exploding bolts will do the trick just as well (as will the various rounds for the grenade launcher i would assume). If you're using bolts etc you don't have to worry about targeting - the auto aim is sufficient.

    You don't really need the sniper rifle for anything else (and i never found any extra ammo for it), so you might as well just use that.

    Just run away a bit, turn round and use the scope to target his heart as he gets closer - hit him a few times and then repeat (you can empty all the rounds into him without having to move if you are quick). I think when i did this guy i still needed a bolt or 2 to finish him off after unloading the rifle clip - maybe i'm just a crap shot and you can do it just using the rifle - either way it doesn't take very much and there's no need to even break a sweat!!

    No problem at all - this 'boss' is a bit of a sissy.

  • Thanks!