Games loading extremely slowly
  • Something's wrong with my PS2. I put in a game, and the PS2 picks up the game in the browser. The PS2 starts to load the game, but all I get is a black screen. Sometimes (after ~5-10 minutes) the game loads, but sometimes it just never loads. I can hear the laser hum, but then stop. Even if I get the game to load, the game still plays extremely slowly. I've tried putting the system sideways, but it actually runs better horizontal. I've tried diagnosis mode, but it doesn't help. I've tried the masking tape, and that doesn't work. Does this sound like a lens problem? It's an older PS2, if you ask.
  • Your PS2's drive is on the way out, it seems. Any possible repairs that could be done will still just be delaying the inevitable at this point.

    It may be quicker to just chuck it and pick up an inexpensive slim model.