select dvd's don't spin, why?
  • i have a scph-70012 slim model. Some Dvd's usually older ones but some not, don't play. Closer inspection led me to the conclusion that the dvd doesn't even spin. I don't know much about the initiating process but when the red laser kicks up and starts the gears then just stops, and there is this ticking sound like something is stuck. But SOME dvd's work and all the games work too. Is it the size of the disc? or maybe it doesn't recognize the disc at readable so doesn't bother to spin it? i don't get it, what are the working dvd's doing that the not working ones aren't? It didn't always have this problem, but i don't know enough to come to a conclusion or fix it. thx for the help.
  • this sounds really dumb but try flicking the PS symbol on the front of the system while the disc is tring to read, it boots right up for me
  • If you ever open the PS2_slim, the PS2 logo DOES NOT have any connection with any part, mecanicaly NOR electronically. Otherwise it should be stated in the Manual Book!
    It's only there for 'a better look' when you have the vertical stand. :)

    I would say, the above problem is the CLASSICAL PROBLEM of PS2-Slim !!! Unfortunately, we NEVER heard a better answer here than "try to clean your DVD-game or the PS2 lens".

    No offens, but I'll try to post 'my version' on the other tread (I need time to translate it into English from Indo's)