Lost analogue stick
  • I have lost my analogue stick. How can I get it replaced?
  • I'm not going to ask how this happened. :eek:

    Unfortunately I do not think it can be replaced- I don't know of any place that sells replacement sticks. You may have to buy yourself a new controller.
  • Do you think if i contacted PlayStation would they replace it:confused:
  • doubt it. I've never had an analouge stick break off (or become detatched, or not work, etc.) but I'm pretty sure that PlayStation won't replace it if it's not under their warrenty.
  • well i managed to phone playstation and they sent me one for free so if anybody else has this problem just phone them. The number is: 08705998877... Thanks for everyones help
  • They sent u a new controller? or a new analogue stick?
  • they sent me a new analogue stick