• Well, E3 has come and gone and quite a bit was said in Sony's camp. Some of the highlights:

    *SCEA drops the price on the 60 GB PlayStation 3 by $100 and announces the release of the 80 GB system bundled with Motorstorm for the current price. It is later revealed the 60 GB system is being phased out (much as they did with the 20 GB system before) and the new 80 Gb system will not include the Emotion Engine chipset, instead opting for the software emulation currently found in the PAL systems. the new system is expected on store shelves in August.

    *A redisigned PlayStation Portable is announced- it is 19% slimmer, 30% lighter and has more battery life than the predecessor as well as the ability to output to televisions. Two bundles are also announced- a silver PSP with the game Daxter, a 1 GB Pro Duo memory stick and The UMD version of Family Guy: Frickin' Sweet Collection as well as a white PSP adorned with Darth Vader's helmet on the back and bundled with Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. The new designs are coming out in September at a price of $169 US for the core model in "classic piano black" and $199 US for the bundle packs.

    *SCEE says there will not be a price cut on the PS3 or an introduction of the 80 GB model in their markets. Instead, a PS3 "starter pack" is coming which includes an extra controller as well as the games Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man for a price of 599 Euro. On the PSP front, SCEE boss David Reeves announced there will be several UK/ European- exclusive services and features anounced at the Leipzig Games Convention.

    This hits a few of the bigger items but there was lots to talk about. What was the highlight/ lowlight for you? Any other items of interest you want to talk about from E3?
  • For me the highlights were:

    - PSP Redesign... I may eventually buy one now - assuming more games of my liking come to the system.
    - HOMEy Goodness. I can see that Home is a make or break situation. I'm hoping it turns out as good as it seems to be progressing.
    - The Games. The rest of '07 looks to be pretty good, with at least one PS3 game worth playing coming out each month.

    The lowlights:

    - Skimping out on the Playstation Store big-time. There really was no excuse for putting 20 trailers on there and not one demo. Xbox put demos up (Albeit horrible ones - let me tell you now - NEVER buy The Bigs or Stuntman: Ignition) as well as trailers.
    - Screwing with our heads on the PS3 pricing and configurations. There is no end in sight to Sony's incessant need to confuse and anger us.
    - The rumors that E3 could die. Even though I've never been to the event, it is something a gamer can look forward to every year. If they kill E3, they need to at least start some new type of conference/convention to make up for it.

    I think E3 started off good on Sony's part, but as the week progressed and these goofy PS3 hardware announcements started to trickle out, it all went downhill. Honestly, it is hard to defend Sony, as much as I try. They need to decide on a plan and stick with it at this point, and stop changing things so often. Next thing ya know, our controllers will be obsolete because they will come out with a rumbling sixer remote. That is when things could really fall apart :mad:.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    ...It is later revealed the 60 GB system is being phased out (much as they did with the 20 GB system before)...

    Er when and where exactly was that said Lyn, because I don't remember them saying that in the Press Conference. As far as I know, those are just rumours.
    Maybe I missed that, but I haven't seen or heard that anywhere as 100% fact.

    Clarification from Dave Karraker, Sr Director Corporate Communications:

    "...I just wanted to clarify something. I’ve seen a lot of posts this morning related to the 60GB SKU and the comments by SCEE President David Reeves. As we announced this week, SCEA’s product offering in North America consists of a 80GB PS3 available in August and a 60GB PS3 available now for $499. We will have ample supplies of both models to meet the needs of consumers for the foreseeable future."

    Where does that make it sound like they're giving up on the 60GB version? I'm intrigued, I really am.

    Edit: Just thought I'd quickly add...
    Well I've just added a comment on the Playstation.Blog regarding this issue. It seems that many people are asking this same question, "Is the 60GB version being stopped or not?", or something similar, and, as of yet, we're still not getting a straight answer.
    I'll keep you all updated if and when we do.

    The following is what I posted on the Playstation.Blog, word for word:

    OK I’ve had a quick read of some of these.
    Now, as I have posted before, I’m a Staff Member at a Playstation Forum.
    What the people of that site, and everyone else who deal with Sony and prefer Sony want to know is this:
    Is the 60GB version being removed from the market or not? All we need is a yes or no answer to that, that is all.
    None of this “there is an ample supply for the next 3 months” or whatever you said. Once that has ran out will you continue to supply the 60GB version or not?
    I think, as a UK PS3 owner, we deserve to know more than anyone else. We are the ones you shunted back when the PS3 was first launched.
    We are the ones who you decided to use as Guinea Pigs by removing the Emotion Engine making a LOT of PS2 and PS1 games non-playable on the PS3, or at least playable but in a limited capacity.

    So why don’t you please do us all a favour and give us a straight, crystal clear, answer for once?
    Is the 60GB version being wiped out? And will us Europeans be affected by this as well?
    Oh and are we getting this so called Bundle Pack that includes the 80GB version and Motorstorm? (If we are, then I hope we get an extra control pad, a Blu-Ray Remote, and a HDMI cable to try to win back our support as we’ve been screwed enough over the last 9 or so months).

    I leave the floor open to you Sony bigwigs, no media babble, we just want straight answers to the questions I, and many others, have asked.

    Site Squad
  • The 60 GB being phased out in North America was confirmed by Kaz Hirai during an interview with Kotaku. Here's a quote from the interview:

    We're no longer in production for [the 60GB PS3], so once that product is gone from the retailers shelves, then we're back to the $599 SKU only, so it's not like we have a two-price strategy here in the US market, which we found out very early on, that consumers react mostly to having one SKU as opposed to two.

    Going by David Reeves' announcement on Thursday this does not affect the UK/ Europe and you are not getting the 80 GB system (as noted above in the top post) but instead are getting a bundle containing the 60 GB system, an extra controller and 2 games (Motorstorm and Resistance) at a price of 599 Euro.
  • My highlights would be Home, for one, i think this looks amazing and i can see it working perfectly for Sony and PS3 owners alike. I think it will be the foundation of the PS3s future, if not a big part of every online user on the PS3s gaming experience...
    I love the idea, and all the stuff home has to offer, i just think its going to be a great success, and define the PS3, as the greatest video games console of this generation. ;) :D

    Also, my next highlights were the games of course... MGS4, R&CFuture, Killzone 2, Assassins creed etc etc, all the big names made a good apperance in the show, and they are all looking amazing and definitely something to look forward too later this year and early 08... :D

    There wasnt really much hardware i was interested in... :confused: