Need help with online set up
  • Basically what I'm looking for is for one of you guys and girls to help me completely walk through this procedure. I want to get my ps2 to online gaming, and I know close to nothing to setting it up. I do know that you do not need the start up disc, but I do not know how to get it set up and create a system configuration for online set up.

    I have Comcast high speed internet, with a Netgear wireless router, And I am wondering if the router has anything to do with the troubles I'm having.
    Please someone help me with this.
  • Just so you know, I do have the online start up disc, and when I go through everything and get it set up, I keep getting the Error 612.
    And I think I've figured out how to set up a DMZ. but I need to know this, when I set up a DMZ, is it supposed to kick me off the internet? IE: I go and what I think is setting up the DMZ inside my router settings (Netgear WGT624 v2) type in the settings for the DMZ, than click apply (I can show some screen shots if necessary) than on the front of the router where it shoes if i'm online or not, the power button goes to orange, and the little light that shows if signals being sent out goes off.

    again, help please?
    thank you.