Videogames over Children
  • I was originally intending on posting this thread in the Jokes, Trivia and Entertainment area, but this is really an issue that can rather be discussed.

    I realize that none of us have a videogame addiction problem...yet. ;) But, I found this article while browsing my email inbox today and simply could not pass it up.

    Here is the link.

    Your thoughts please.:eek:
  • Thats horrible! How could you not take care of your kids. Some people need to realize that its just a game not life. Beating a level or whatever is fun and feels good, but not good enough to be your sole purpose in life.

    I know a guy who failed out of college because he spent all day playing world of warcraft and never went to class. Thats just dumb.
  • I saw the same thing the other day its shocking :o How can anyone do that is beyond me,kids should come first no matter what,not gaming