• ok i have the game tomb raider and the ps1 console and i also have an emu is there any way i can rip the game to play as iso????
  • You won't be getting any help here on that end, mjd. What you suggest is considered a copyright infringement by Eidos. The software agreement with the game (as is the case for all console games) is the use of only one copy, that being the original disc.
  • Honestly, why do people come here looking for help with that Lyndon? People spend the money to get some emulated PS1, then want to cheap out when it comes to buying a PS1 Game. Unbelievable.

    I wish there was a way to report people like him to Sony. Makes me mad that I have bought every game I have ever played, then you have punks running around with illegal/free games. I hope his system crashes the second he puts a disc in it.

    OK, now that I've got that off my chest... :p
  • Sorry buddy but we are strictly against piracy here. You are more then welcome to talk about other things though. A link to our policy regarding piracy is below:

    Mod Chips, Piracy, and APi

    Im going to close this topic to keep the flaming down.
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