• Ok I'm not at all a game player....just need info...my daughters were given a PS1 one of the orginals i guess? what games will work in this? are they all compatible? I know I probably look like a dork asking but i seriously have no clue? anyone help? where can i find games? Ebay? HELPPPPPPPP:confused:
  • Your best bet for finding games for an original PlayStation (as well as other accessories such as a memory card to save progress) would be eBay or stores that sell used games.

    The only games that will work in it are those whose case say "PlayStation" on the side. Use this picture of the Greatest Hits version of Konami's castlevania: Symphony of the Night as a guide:


    If the game you are looking at has that PlayStation name along the side with no numbers alongside it it will work (note that most games will have it against a black background- green was used for re-releases of games that sold well). The games are easily spotted as they were sold in CD jewel cases- games for the PS2 use DVD-like cases and PS3 games use a new case designed for Blu-ray discs.
  • Thank you so much!! that helps...ebay here i come LOL